Evanescence founder and frontwoman, Amy Lee, shared a bunch of new photos on her official Instagram page and revealed the bizarre discovery she’s made with a marshmallow peep.

As you will check out the photos right below, Amy roasted her marshmallow suddenly and it looks like a weird larval critter and these interesting photos got 30K likes in a very short time.

Here is what Amy wrote about the post:

“UM, has anyone ever roasted a marshmallow peep before??? Because I just did and I’m pretty sure this was how they were always intended. The sugar crust caramelizes. 🤯

How have I lived my whole life never thinking of this…”

An Instagram user named hanniecita wrote this:

“Lmao, roasting it over a gas burner? Girl get an unscented candle!”

Another follower of Amy named yanewanderley commented:

“I did it once and it even tasted better. But uses so much gas I gave up!”

You may check out Amy’s latest Instagram post right below.