Evanescence frontwoman, Amy Lee recently posted a photo containing the lyrics of the band’s recently released single on her Instagram account and opened up about the meaning of the song while saying that there are still some things that she needs to get off her chest.

Evanescence fans have been excitedly waiting for the band’s new album ‘Bitter Truth‘ to drop, but instead of the album, they were recently treated by the band with an amazing new single ‘Better Without You.’ This was the sixth single that Evanescence released from their new album and as it turns out, it has great sentimental value for the band’s frontwoman, Amy Lee.

‘Better Without You’ was released on March 5, and it has already received hundreds of thousands of views and comments. Fans really appreciated the band’s new track and applauded Amy Lee for her immense talent in songwriting as she’s the main songwriter of the new track. Upon these comments, it seems like Amy Lee found the courage to open up about the real meaning behind these lyrics.

In her recent post, she shared the lyrics of the band’s newly released song and said that it is about her journey and everything she had to overcome in order to be who she is today and to get the band to this point. Amy Lee said that each verse actually represents an obstacle that got in her way both in her personal and professional life. In fact, Lee said that verse two is related to some of her experiences in the industry which are actually ‘deeper and darker‘ than the way she has portrayed them.

Amy Lee went on to say that there are still a lot of things she needs to get off her chest because she believes that they will ’empower others who have been made to feel powerless‘ like she has. Her sincere vulnerability touched hundreds of fans who thanked Amy Lee for such an empowering song. Some even said that this song helped them channel their feelings of sadness and heartbreak and encouraged them to find peace.

Here’s what Amy Lee said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“This song is about my journey, and some of what I had to overcome to get where I am, and where our band is today. I’ve fought many battles for myself and my music which are very intertwined (some of them internal). Each verse is for a different obstacle along the way, starting in the past and ending in the present. There are parts of my story you don’t know unless you know me, and yes, verse 2 is for some of my experiences in the industry, but don’t get it twisted- this is deeper and darker than that.

Obviously, I still have some things from way back to get off my chest. I hope it serves to empower others who have been made to feel powerless. Don’t let the voices telling you you’re not good enough live in your head. Dont let them write your story. Don’t ever let fear stop you from being who you were born to be. That fear… I am. We are. Better without you.”

This is what a fan commented:

Thanks so much for your vulnerability. Your raw honesty is what I admire in you as an artist and as a person. I can’t possibly describe what this song means to me. Having been betrayed and hurt in ways I still can barely find the breath to speak about, it feels so good to feel like someone is urging my own emotions along, raging and boiling over until I finally find peace. Not forgiveness, but peace. I am not there yet… but someday…”

Click here to check out Amy Lee’s Instagram post and you can listen to ‘Better Without You‘ below.