The co-founder and frontwoman of Evanescence, Amy Lee opened about her political views. She highlighted how we all should be kind and respectful to other opinions in an interview with Liza Sanchez of the KLAQ radio station.

Amy Lee, for the first time, talked about political issues three months prior to the interview. She basically stood up against staying silent to lying, cheating, or bullying from the government. She, in a sentence, summed up and said:

“I will never bow down to a dictator.”

When Amy is asked if she’s concerned about being vocal especially about politics since it can alienate some fans. She replied:

“The art has to come first. And that’s a given in everything that we’ve been doing about being true to ourselves.

Evanescence’s new album’s called ‘The Bitter Truth’ for a reason. It’s not about showing your prettiest side; it’s about showing your realest inside and being more of your true self on the outside at any cost.”

The interview approves her previous opinions on self-expression. She specially pointed out this with saying:

“Being silent right now is a statement in itself and not one that I wanna make.”

Evanescence’s long-awaited new album, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ will arrive later this year. Until then, Amy Lee made her statement about her cause. Being respectful and being aware was her advice for everyone.

You can reach the source of the statement here.