Evanescence singer Amy Lee shared a reminder on Instagram for her fans regarding the last 50 days until the Election Day 2020, however, Trump supporters took over the comment section.

As you might remember, Evanescence released a new song named ‘Use My Voice’ with the contributions of The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen and Halestorm icon Lzzy Hale. The single mainly addressed the issue of promoting the power of speaking up about injustice around the world.

Although her song was focused on using one’s voice to raise awareness about social and political matters, Amy Lee previously stated that she had been remaining silent on these issues and she didn’t vote on some of the elections. However, Lee mentioned that during the creating process of her song, she realized she was wrong not voting in every election and not using her platform to raise the voice of those unheard.

Following her statements, Amy Lee shared a reminder On Instagram for her fans to register to vote since there were only 50 days until the election day. On the caption of her post, Amy urged her fans and followers to mark their calendars and check out the website she added to see their options for voting on the Election Day 2020.

Here’s what Amy Lee stated on the caption of her latest post:

“Mark your calendars – there are 50 days until Election Day 2020. Visit HeadCount.org to make sure you’re ready to vote. You can request a mail-in ballot, find out how to vote early in person, or update your voter registration. Don’t wait another day. Get vote ready at here.

However, the supporters of Donald Trump took over the comment section of Lee’s post by sharing various messages showing their support for the current president.

You can see the photo Amy Lee posted on her official Instagram account below to see how many Trump supporters have commented under the caption.