Amy Lee, the co-founder and iconic frontwoman of Evanescence, has released a comic-styled video signaling a new song, which will be out on September 18, from the band’s upcoming album, ‘The Bitter Truth.’

As Evanescence is getting ready to release the full album, which they announced it’s title On April 17, 2020, the talented frontwoman Amy Lee has given a sneak peek from their brand new song on Instagram.

She has posted a comic book-like video by which we can hear the song for a few seconds. Full of Asian sounds, the new song has led the fans to think that it may be a collaboration with the Wagakki Band, the Japanese hard rock band Amy Lee performed together in February this year.

As you may remember, Lee has shared a video from their concert while singing ‘Bring Me To Life’ in Osaka featuring an orchestra. She has explained that Wagakki Band mixes traditional Japanese instruments with the rock to create an epic fusion that is totally unique.

Amy also revealed that, on the trip, they wrote a song together that will be on Wagakki Band’s new album, ‘Tokyo Singing,’ out on October 24. Posting the announcement for Evanescence’s new song right after recalling her last performance with Wagakki Band, Amy Lee amazed her fans a lot.

Here is what Amy Lee said in her latest Instagram post:

2020.09.18 from New York.”

You can see Lee’s last two posts, one of which is the new song announcement and the other is a video from her performance with Wagakki Band, below.

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The last time I got on a plane was in February, when Wagakkiband invited me to Osaka to perform with them in a very special concert featuring a full orchestra. For those of you who don’t know their music, they mix traditional Japanese instruments with hard rock to create an epic fusion that is totally unique. Yuko is a fantastic singer and the whole concert was mesmerizing to watch. I joined onstage for a Wagakkiband version of Bring Me To Life, as well as a bit of their song “Senbonzakura” which was my first time singing in Japanese. On the trip, we also wrote a song together that will be on their new album, “TOKYO SINGING,” out 10.24. The deluxe package of the album includes a DVD of the full concert, which you can see a clip of at the link in bio.  Missing my friends watching this! Can’t wait to perform “Sakura Rising” together someday!

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