Former AC/DC drummer Simon Write spoke in an interview with Illawarra Mercury and explained his thoughts on AC/DC songs.

He said that AC/DC songs are sounds simple. He also compared himself to Phil Rudd. Here’s the statement:

“One thing I did come away from AC/DC [with] is that it’s about the feel. It sounds simple, but it’s not about the technicality of it. It’s about the swing and the feel of it. I do it to the best of my ability, but I’m no Phil Rudd.

On possibility of new AC/DC album, he said:

“I’m hoping they’ll be back with another album and a tour — that would be awesome. With all the problems they’ve had, obviously with Mal leaving us, and all that crazy stuff with Phil Rudd. I guess they’ve patched that up, but I don’t know anything other than what we all see on the Internet.

He also expressed his feelings about Malcolm Young and his death. He said:

“I think it would be nice if they came back and they did an album for Mal, just to kind of put a dot behind that conversation. Because Mal was just the engine room and creator of that band. It’s such a tragedy.”

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Back in August 2018, Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd were photographed outside the Warehouse Studios in Vancouver – where AC/DC’s three latest studio albums were recorded -.