Former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright spoke in an interview with WIRF, and revealed his thoughts on Axl Rose’s live performances with AC/DC.

He also confirmed that singer Brian Johnson came back to the band for recording a new studio album.

Interviewer said:

“I saw them with Axl a couple of years ago, that was interesting, he really played second fill to Angus. For me, I thought Axl showed too much respect; he is a gigantic rockstar, you know?”

Simon responded:

“I read the news that he was going to be fronting the band, I thought, ‘Wow, I hope he turns up,’ but obviously he’s grown up a bit.

I don’t know, I saw some of the material, some of the live stuff and I think he managed to do a good job there, it sounds awesome.

You got to give him kudos for coming in and being respectful, and those guys being able to finish up that tour because I’m sure it would’ve been a big expense to cancel those shows or try to reschedule them.

So I think it all worked out for them. I heard Brian [Johnson] came back, which is good news, so we’ll wait and see what happens with that.”

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