There’s no doubt, AC/DC’s studio recordings have always been great. During the recent interview with EonMusic, former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has revealed the secret of AC/DC’s successful studio performance.

He said ‘AC/DC they’ve always played together in the studio, every single take’, here’s the statement:

“The band always, no matter who the drummer is, always plays together, all the time; take after take after take after take, all day long. That’s what they do. We probably played ‘Thunderstruck’ for days, as with all the other songs on ‘The Razor’s Edge’, with Brian [Johnson] singing every song as well, by the way, every time.

So, we’re in the studio, together, all playing together. And that’s the way they work. They always have done that, and they always will do that. That’s the way they do things, and obviously, it has paid off over the decades; they’ve still got that.

Some bands don’t even talk to each other, don’t even see each other; the drummer puts it down, then the bass player comes down a week later and puts his parts down. It works like that in some bands, but with AC/DC they’ve always played together in the studio, every single take.

Interviewer said ‘There are some great tracks on the album, not least the title track’, Chris Slade responded:

“Yeah, absolutely, and we play that; it goes down so well with Timeline. I was surprised. The band, Timeline actually persuaded me to do it.

I thought; “Nah, I’m not so sure how it would go down”, and the guys were going; “This song is great, and we’ll do it great justice”, and then when we played it, it was like; “Wow, yeah, we’ve got to do this”.

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