In a recent interview with Eon Music, former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has remembered the time that he got call from AC/DC to re-join band in 2015.

He has revealed the story of how he re-join AC/DC in 2015. Here’s the story:

“I was not surprised, I was shocked to get that call, especially after the way it ended before. I was very pleased to get it. I was actually working in Switzerland that night with Timeline, and I got the call from the manager. It went on for about twenty minutes. In fact, I was late for the gig because of it.

At the end of it, after a fifteen minute conversation, I said; Does this come from all the guys form the band”, and he said; “Oh yes, definitely”, and it was. So it was amazing, especially with my age; I was late-sixties at that time – so was Brian, by the way!

But it was fantastic, and the tour was great. It always has been a great honour to be in that band.”

Interviewer said “what was it like with Axl Rose fronting AC/DC, and the shake-up of set list that came with it?” and Chris responded:

“That all came from him. I was standing right next to him when he said to Angus; “Do you think we could do ‘Live Wire’ and ‘Riff Raff?” And Angus said; “Well, we don’t know them right now, but we’ll learn them”.

I love playing ‘Riff Raff’, and I’ve never stopped playing it, even when I was working with like tribute bands or something. It’s one of my favourites actually, to play.”

Click here to entire interview. Here are the songs that Axl Rose wanted to play with AC/DC: