During a recent interview with Red Planet Music Books, former AC/DC singer Bon Scott’s ex-wife Irene Thornton has shared the true reason of Bon’s death.

As we all know, Bon Scott has passed away from a car accident at the age of 33, but according to Irene, true reason behind the death of Bon Scott is alcohol.

Here’s what she said:

“Bon apparently had been out to a nightclub and had quite a bit to drink that night, and quite a bit to drink means heaps to drink. Apparently in the early hours of the morning when they got back to his mate’s place, he wasn’t able to be woken up because he’d passed out from all the alcohol.

Apparently his mate, having found it difficult to wake him up, left him in the car during the night, and because of the cold and alcohol, he unfortunately passed away in the car.”

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Back in February 2019, former AC/DC member Dave Evans has revealed how Bon Scott involved in AC/DC. Here’s what he told:

“We were already a very popular band in Australia and Can I sit next to you girl, was a big hit record for us in a lot of states, a top 5, it played on the hour, every hour on the radio. We were actually named the best Australian record of the year for 1974. The band was really hot. When Bon Scott joined the band we were already hot.”

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