The first singer of AC/DC, Dave Evans spoke in a recent interview with Neil Turbin from The Metal Voice, and revealed a well-kept secret about late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young.

The interviewer Neil Turban asked:

“Another question was, in regards to the relationship ever since you left AC/DC. I mean, have you talked to the guys ever or any of the guys in the band?”

Dave responded:

“Yeah, some of the past members I have. Colin Burgess is one.”

Neil asked:

“So the [Young] brothers, no conversation?”

Dave responded:

“No but I am very close friends with Malcolm’s son, Ross and I sort of knew what was happening with Malcolm [his dementia] before it became news around the world. However, I didn’t say a word to anybody about it. I just kept it secret. [inaudible] through Ross. So close to him.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source.