Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans was interviewed by Jimmy Kay from The Metal Voice, and revealed the truth behind a myth about guitarist Angus Young.

Interviewer asked about the myth that Angus was 16 years old and still in school when he joined AC/DC. Dave stated (transcribed by Jimmy Kay):

“Angus was about 19 years old . We put his age down to 16 years old because he was so little. George Young wanted us to look different  from the other bands in Australia.

So They told us Angus was going to wear a school boy outfit put his age down to 16 to relate to  he kids, as we had lots of school gigs at the time. The school boy uniform was made for him by his sister. Angus was not going to school,  he had a job he was 19 years old.”

When asked where are all the recorded songs with AC/DC that he sang on, Dave said:

“It would be probably the publishing company and or the record label, I don’t know, they might be somewhere in the vault somewhere.

Also the song Baby please don’t go was a show stopper for us, that’s when I got Angus on my shoulders even though we did not write the song it was our arrangement. “

When asked about the Myth of Angus kicking him off the stage one night, Dave responded:

“If you met me and met Angus, Angus is half my size, that was just a joke that Malcolm said on a TV show that was not true.

Watch entire interview below.