Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin shared his opinion about Anthrax’s video series for the 40th anniversary of their debut album ‘Fistful Of Metal’ during a recent appearance on That Metal Interview Podcast.

Anthrax wanted to make a special video series for the 40th anniversary, and they spoke with the former Anthrax members and the musicians who often hung out with the band during their shows and tours.

Following the interviews, they released a ten-episode video series to talk about the band’s history, recalling the times Anthrax has had since their formation and their experiences while producing successful records and touring the world.

During the third episode, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and drummer Charlie Benante talked about Neil Turbin’s departure, who recorded the ‘Fistful Of Metal’ album. In the conversation, Neil mentioned that he was surprised to hear such kind words from Scott and Charlie when discussing his departure.

Furthermore, Neil pointed out that he is also surprised that Anthrax management contracted with him to share his memories from his Anthrax days because he hasn’t had any contact with the band for years.

Neil Turbin on Anthrax’s 40th-anniversary video series:

“There were some interesting things said in that docuseries that was on YouTube by the members currently in Anthrax and also by people that are not any longer in Anthrax. I was actually kind of surprised that Scott said what he said and also Charlie said what he said.

So I thought there were some positive things there. I was very surprised, actually, when Anthrax’s management, when I was contacted to be included in anything that had to do with Anthrax officially, after not speaking with anyone officially since ’84-’85 time frame.

So it was kind of shocking, really, to me that I was even… I’m just trying wrap my head around why I’m even part of this conversation at that point. But honestly and earnestly speaking, I just went at it with a very good-faith attitude and just walked into it trying to tell stories.

That was all that I was doing — just telling stories. ‘Cause that’s what I was asked to do — ‘Tell some stories of your experience recording ‘Fistful’ and the first album and the first tour and anything you can think of that is a story that would be interesting or something worth knowng about.'”

You can listen to the full interview below.