Former Nugent vocalist and guitarist Derek St. Holmes spoke in an interview with Eddie Trunk during a new episode of Trunk Nation.

He has shared the bizarre story of how Ted shot him twice when he was singing in Nugent. He said:

“…I think I’m out and all of the sudden I get a call. But yeah, I’m probably the longest standing still alive. He had shot me twice. That’s whole another story.”

Eddie said:

“Have you been shot by Nugent?”

Derek responded:

“He shot me in the leg. We’re out shotgun hunting in winter and he shot me in the leg.

And then we’re – in the ’80s – one of his… He’s shooting at a target and it ricochets back and hits me in the arm. And I was like, ‘Holy shit, this guy’s dangerous.’ But yeah, it’s pretty wild.”

Eddie said:

“So you’ve actually lived to tell about being in Nugent’s band twice.”

Derek responded:

“I’ve survived two shootings. It’s good. [Laughs]”

He also shared the story of his first met with Nugent, and said:

“That was… gosh… ’72, maybe? And we were just a young three-piece rock ‘n’ roll band out of Detroit.

That was called Scott. We used to just play our own music. I didn’t play other people’s stuff, I just wrote my own songs.

But his ex-tour manager said, ‘You guys should open up for some of Ted’s shows. There’s not gonna be any money in it, but I think it would be good exposure.’

So we did. I opened up maybe three or four shows, and before you know it, Ted’s showing up at shows.”

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