Speaking in a recent interview with WSOU, former Black Sabbath and DIO drummer Vinny Appice has revealed his thoughts on the bands doing farewell tours.

He said that “it’s kind of sad that the bands are going away”, here’s the statement:

“I don’t think anybody thought this music was gonna last this long,. Back in the ’70s, they probably thought the music was gonna last 10 years or something; I don’t think anybody thought all these bands were gonna last so long — 40 years later, or more. So it’s kind of sad that the bands are going away, but that’s just bound to happen.

And new music is gonna always continue, so hopefully there’ll be new bands to grab on to and become a fan, things that touch people and music that touches people.

But, yeah, it’s the time where all these bands are kind of the same age — there’s KISS; there’s Ozzy [Osbourne]; Black Sabbath are done; Led Zeppelin’s done; AC/DC, I don’t know… they’re half done. Queen…

And luckily, they made some legendary music and the music will live on probably forever. And some people are dying; it’s just getting at that age. But I’m not dead yet, and I’m still going for a little longer. [Laughs]”

Appice joined Black Sabbath during the tour in support of the Heaven and Hell album in 1980. In late 1982 he left Black Sabbath along with vocalist Ronnie James Dio and formed the band Dio.

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