Former Black Sabbath producer Ernie “C” Cunnigan spoke in an interview with Danko Jones during the recent episode of Danko’s podcast, and remembered the when he was working for Black Sabbath’s Forbidden album.

He said that ‘he was a Led Zeppelin fan, and because of that, he didn’t pay attention to Sabbath’s album’.

Here’s the statement:

Producing Sabbath was a “cool” and “good experience. It was a rock and roll experience that you can just say, ‘Well, I did a Black Sabbath record, and I’m done’.

And it also made me say, yeah, I really don’t wanna produce bands that are already established. It’s good to produce young people that are listening. But when you’re so set in your ways…”

He continued:

“I didn’t pay that much attention to it. I was more Led Zeppelin. I loved SABBATH and this and that, but I wasn’t a ‘die-hard die-hard.’ I wasn’t intimidated… And the thing about that was that was the time when the vinyl was out, and I told them, ‘I’m gonna dry the sound up a little bit.’ Those records from the ’80s were big[-sounding] records.

[They sound like] you’re playing in a tunnel. So I told them, ‘We’re gonna dry it up a little bit.’ ‘Cause the vinyl was dry — that’s what made the vinyl sound. It was so dry and in your face. It’s not a big tunnel. That was the Van Halen stuff — the one guitar in the one ear. It’s big and large, but if it had been dried up, I don’t think it would have been that popular.

There’s something to that era that lends to you almost seeing ’em on a stage and you’re back in the seats. And then when Nirvana came along, it made it more personal, like you’re sitting down with someone… Nirvana made it more dried up and in your face, [like] we’re gonna sit down and come to my garage and listen to my band.”

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