Former Black Sabbath frontman Tony Martin recently shared a post on his official Facebook account announcing that Tony Iommi‘s manager reached out to him about a record deal for his era of Black Sabbath albums.

Tony Martin first joined Black Sabbath when he was brought in to re-record Ray Gillen’s tracks during the making of the band’s thirteenth studio album, ‘The Eternal Idol,’ back in 1987. The singer secured his place in the band after a successful audition during which he sang the track ‘The Shining.’

Martin had a successful tenure with Black Sabbath as he was particularly praised by music critics when the band released ‘Headless Cross‘ in April 1989. The album was regarded as the best Black Sabbath album without Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio.

For the next four years, Martin worked with Black Sabbath as their lead vocalist, releasing three studio albums in total until the band decided to reunite with Ronnie James Dio for their 1992 album, ‘Dehumanizer.’

Martin later had another tenure with the band from 1993 to 1997, making him the band’s second-longest-serving vocalist after Ozzy Osbourne. His second stint with the band ended when Tony Iommi disbanded the contemporary line-up to officially reunite the original Black Sabbath line-up with Osbourne in it.

Recently, Tony Martin announced some thrilling news for his fans via a post on his official Facebook account. Apparently, the singer got a call from Tony Iommi’s manager about a new record deal for his albums with Black Sabbath. As it turns out, a reissue will be in the works soon, but the musician didn’t reveal further details regarding which album it will be, as he released five with Black Sabbath.

In his Facebook post, Martin penned:

“So I got a call from Tony Iommi’s manager… It seems there is now a record deal for my era of Sabbath albums! So it looks like a reissue is actually going to happen!!! There could be a lot of ‘Tony Martin’ around this year!.. Sorry about that!”

While Tony Martin had previously expressed his desire to re-release his albums with Sabbath, he also mentioned that there were some legal problems regarding Black Sabbath’s name. It seems like they have now worked things out as Martin also said they were good to release old albums while putting out new material isn’t possible.