Former Black Sabbath lead singer Tony Martin recently joined Friday 13th Zine for an interview during which he revealed that he believes Glenn Hughes is capable of crushing him with his vocals.

Soon after he joined the band in 1985 and they decided to embark on a world tour, Glenn Hughes got into a bar fight with Sabbath’s manager John Downing, which resulted in splintering his orbital bone. This affected his singing ability, and Sabbath decided to recruit Ray Gillen to continue the tour.

When Black Sabbath was recording their 1987’s ‘The Eternal Idol,’ they brought Tony Martin to re-record Ray Gillen’s tracks as he abruptly left the band. They also had contacted him to replace Glenn Hughes a year before. They released the album on December 8, 1987, but it received mixed reviews.

Martin got dismissed from the band in 1990, but he rejoined them in 1991 and between 1993 and 1997. In an interview with Friday 13th Zine, he revealed his thoughts on Sabbath’s former frontman Glenn Hughes and said he knows the musician quite well. He then added that he thinks he can’t get close to Hughes’ musicianship.

Moreover, the interview host said an album featuring the two would be unique as they both have distinctive voices. As a response, Martin jokingly said Hughes would crush him with his voice in a possible collaboration.

During the conversation Friday 13th Zine’s host asked Tony Martin the following:

“Have you actually thought of doing anything with him, like an album together?”

As a response, Martin said:

“Yeah. I mean, I know Glenn quite well, and every time we meet up, it’s all very friendly. We hang out for a bit, but we’re not close enough to say we’re best friends or anything. I don’t think I could match him, honestly. I couldn’t get close to him.”

The host then continued:

“I think it’d be a unique album because you’ve got a unique voice, but no one turned him out in singing. When I put one of these guest albums like ‘Free Fall,’ we know when Tony’s voice comes on. So, you and Glenn Hughes have got a distinct voice.”

Martin responded:

“Yeah, I think he would crush me. Honestly, I think I would just walk out sulking or something.”

You can watch the full interview below.