Former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson recently joined Tulsa Music Stream for an interview during which he claimed there aren’t many Glenn Hugheses or Ronnie James Dios in the rock music scene.

Following Dokken’s last studio record, ‘Broken Bones’ in 2012, the band’s frontman Don Dokken started thinking about whether Dokken should release another record. At that time, Don Dokken was battling cancer.

When he underwent his first vocal surgery to correct problems with nodes and tears in his vocal cords, Dokken also underwent treatment for his cancer. Apart from going under vocal cord surgery and battling cancer simultaneously, the 68-year-old musician has also struggled due to his age.

In a recent interview with Tulsa Music Stream, Jeff Pilson stated that not all vocalists keep their range throughout the years, and there aren’t any successful musicians like Glenn Hughes and Ronnie Dio out there.

Moreover, Pilson then stated that he hopes Dokken takes good care of himself and recovers from the health conditions as they also affect his singing voice. Pilson then implied he understood Dokken’s struggles as he had many health issues.

During the conversation, Jeff Pilson said the following:

“Well, listen, to be fair, not all vocalists keep their range. You don’t have a lot of Glenn Hugheses and Ronnie Dios out there in the world whose voices seem just never to get affected. I can’t sing as I could 35 years ago. So you have to keep that in mind.

With that, I hope Don takes care of himself. I hope he can keep singing for as long as possible, and I hope he has a little bit of a breakthrough. I know he’s had many health issues, so there’s a reason he’s probably had some difficulties.

But I wish him the best; I really do. I think he’s just got a wonderful voice, and when it’s working, it’s a unique, magical voice. So I hope he has fewer problems in the future.”

You can watch the interview below.