During a recent interview with Heavy New York, former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy talked about how he was inspired by legendary rock band KISS.

Interviewer asked ‘Does hearing somebody take inspiration from you ever inspire you?’, and Portnoy responded:

“Oh, absolutely. I mean, I’m still a fan, I’m still the 13-year-old kid listening to KISS records in my bedroom.

Every time I meet a fan, I relate and I get it – I know what it’s like to love an artist or a musician. And when I say that I’ve reached younger musicians – to me, it’s the ultimate compliment.”

On his influnce as a drummer, he said:

“You can tell two things about me from my drum kit: one is that I didn’t pay for it, and two is that I don’t set it up. [Laughs] I would have a kit like that if either of those was the case.

I just like having a lot of options. When I was a kid, [Rush drummer] Neil Peart was my hero. I would look at those Modern Drummer magazines like they were Playboy centerfolds. Just looking at the drums and the gear… So that’s why when you come to NAMM, it’s like – it blows your mind.”

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