Mike Portnoy, the former drummer of Dream Theater and current member of Sons Of Apollo, has stated his political views and explained what he thinks about the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Usually posting about the music industry and his current works, Mike Portnoy has stepped out of his habits by talking about the forthcoming 2020 United States presidential election lately. On Twitter, Portnoy has shared a couple of tweets in which he wanted to remark his presidential choice and opinions.

Using the hashtag, ‘ByeDon‘, to support the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Mike Portnoy has initiated a conversation. Portnoy said, that’s what a president sounds like by referring to Biden and displeased some of his fans. Later, he reminded his followers that we don’t have to agree, but we need to respect each other’s choices.

As Portnoy said that he is likely sharing his last political post for a little while, he admitted the fact that Biden was not his first choice of a candidate. He had his reservations and issue with him. However, after some time now, he feels real good about him and the Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. Portnoy also said that they are the ticket this country needs to get back.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said in his recent tweets:

That’s what a President sounds like!!! ByeDon.”

He continued:

“Keep it cool kids!!! Everybody is entitled to their Presidential choice and opinions (including me by the way)… but any shit-slinging or personal attacks will be blocked… We don’t have to agree, but we do need to respect each other.”

Portnoy ended up by saying:

“My final thought on tonight/this week… (and likely last political post for a little while), Biden was not my first choice of a candidate… I had my reservations and issue with him… But I now feel real good about him and Kamala and think it’s the ticket this country needs to get back.”

You can see the tweets below.