Dream Theater’s former drummer, Mike Portnoy recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and revealed that the supergroup he formed in 1997 will be releasing two new albums after 22 years of break.

Aside from his amazing career as the drummer of Dream Theatre, Mike Portnoy is also known for his numerous side projects and tribute bands. In 1997, Portnoy founded Liquid Tension Experiment and the supergroup has released three studio albums and three live albums since then.

During a previous interview, Mike Portnoy had said that his initial thought in assembling the Liquid Tension Experiment was to create a musical space and environment outside Dream Theatre. However, as the supergroup soon consisted of 3/4 Dream Theatre members, Mike decided to give it a break.

Nonetheless, it seems like after leaving Dream Theatre in 2010, he has spent enough time outside his former band and is now ready to continue his work with Liquid Tension Experiment. With his recent Instagram post, which was a before and after of the band members’ photo from 20 years ago, Portnoy announced that LTE will be reuniting.

Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, and Tony Levin, announced the release of their third album which will come out in the Spring of 2021. This news excited Liquid Tension Experiment fans as it has been 22 years since the band’s last studio album.

It seems like Portnoy was happy with the response as in his recent Instagram post, he thanked his devoted fans and expressed his excitement about the supergroup’s two new albums. Even though the announcement said ‘3rd album’ it seems like Liquid Tension Experiment is preparing two.

Here’s what Mike Portnoy said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“So exciting to see all of your great reactions this week to the LTE reunion announcement! Who woulda thought the two ‘side projects’ I had back in 1999 would be creating my best two albums of 2021 over two decades later! 🤩 Crazy… I can’t wait for you all to hear BOTH of these albums!”

You can check out Mike Portnoy’s Instagram post and watch their new album’s teaser below.