Former drummer of Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy has strongly reacted to the new trend of the Internet, ‘Spotify Wrapped 2020,’ while accusing the platform of being the robbers and calling the entire industry ‘suckers‘ for letting Spotify get away it.

As 2020 ends, the Swedish-based audio streaming platform, Spotify, has taken over the Internet with the annual compilation designed to provide the listeners with the statistics of their musical tastes.

Yet, not all the members of the music industry are as excited about this trend as the rest of the world. As you know, Spotify has attracted significant criticism from many artists and bands since 2008. The platform’s payment policy, which is based on the market share, has been criticized by lots of artists, and music creators throughout the years.

The problem of inadequate payments led some musicians, including Thom Yorke and Taylor Swift, to withdraw their music from the service. On the other hand, Spotify responded to the allegations about unfair compensation by claiming that it is helping the music industry by pulling users away from unauthorized copying and less monetized platforms to its free service tier.

One of these musicians who stand up for his rights against Spotify, Mike Portnoy, has shared an existing meme pointing out the unfair game of the platform while the majority of the social media users have been posting their ‘Spotify Wrapped’ lists.

Portnoy said if Spotify is going to send out these ‘stupid end of year statistics‘ for all their bands and artists to show off, they should also include the amount of money that they’re not paying the artists for these plays.

Here’s what Mike Portnoy said in his recent Instagram post:

“If Spotify is gonna send out these stupid end of year statistics for all their bands and artists to show off and brag about, maybe they should also include the amount of $ that they’re (not) paying the artists for those amount of plays as well… 🙄

Edit: Btw, I assume you all realize I’m not calling you (the fans) ‘suckers.’ I do appreciate you all for listening, especially the ones who still support the artists & buy music. This was an existing meme pointing out that the entire industry are ‘suckers’ for letting Spotify get away with robbery.”

You can see the post below.