Ex-Dream Theater drummer who is currently working with Sons Of Apollo and Liquid Tension Experiment for many years, Mike Portnoy, has posted a new photo on his official Instagram page and talked about feelings while he can’t play in live shows for almost 2 years.

As you may already follow his social media accounts, Mike is sending regular posts to warn people about coronavirus measures and tries to raise awareness to stay home, wear masks and follow the social-distancing rules.

In his latest post on his Instagram page, Mike continued to warn people about the lockdown process. However, this time, he could not hide his longing for being on stage.

While sharing his feelings, he used the photo of the last day he was on stage with Sons Of Apollo in Sweden and prayed to get back to normal soon. He also did not forget to recommend getting a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Here is the emotional letter of Mike Portnoy:

“This picture was taken exactly a year ago tonight when Sons Of Apollo played in Gothenburg Sweden on March 3rd, 2020. The next day we were sent back home to the US and the remaining European tour dates were put on hold. At the time, we hoped the newly discovered virus would pass quickly and we’d be back on the road with rescheduled dates within a few months.

Here we are a year later, and this was the last time I played publicly in front of a full audience. (The only exception being a virtual “lockdown” version of Morsefest in front of an extremely limited audience)”

He continued:

“In my 30+ years of touring, I’ve NEVER gone this long without playing live… It’s sad, it’s not normal for us musicians… Never in the history of music has there been a year without concerts. I miss the stage, I miss the fans. While the time home has been nice as I’ve never had this much time with my family before, I need to play live to FEEL alive.

I’m praying we are close to getting back to normal soon... Mask up, get the vaccine as soon as you can and be considerate and careful of others so we can all back to the world we used to know! I miss it and I miss you all.🙏”

You can check out the post of Mike by clicking here.