Dream Theater’s founding member Mike Portnoy posted a new photo on his Instagram page, and he revealed his gratitude for ‘Metal Hammer Greece’ which took him to their cover issue this month.

In the caption area, Mike also made a really cold joke by saying ‘It’s all Greek to me’ for giving some kind of reference to the origin country of the ‘Metal Hammer’ magazine.

Here is what he said:

“It’s all Greek to me….but thanks to @metalhammergreece for the MP/SOA cover story! 🇬🇷 #Repost @metalhammergreece ・・・

Sons of Apollo 🔹Interview
#sonsofapollo #mikeportnoy #interview #january #newissue #exclusive
#421 #metalhammergreece #metalhammer #press #musicpress
#metalpress #onlyprintisreal”

A user named ramin_kimiavi commented on the post:

“Greetings from Canada, Mike…will be seeing you guys in Montreal in Feb…was wondering how to go about purchasing this issue, perhaps in time to maybe have you sign it at the meet and greet? (Oh ya…we do have the VIP package..:)”

Another user from Greece, named nicolas_orfanos said that:

“I’m Greek but live in France. You are a campus in France. I can’t imagine that you were so famous in Greece.

Happy for you Mike. Europe loves you and your bands.”

You can see the photo of Mike below.