The former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy has uploaded a recent video on his official YouTube account and talked about his vinyl collection to his favorite five albums of all time.

While talking about David Bowie’s legendary album Ziggy Stardust and The Who’s double album which released on May 23, 1969, Tommy, he also did not hesitate to mention Pink Floyd.

As you may check out the statements of Mike below, he called Pink Floyd’s Wall as a huge mammoth piece of music and named that legendary masterpiece as his favorite album of all time.

Here is what he said about the album, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar:

“Pink Floyd, like The Beatles, are one of my favorite bands of all time, and like The Beatles, it’s hard to really pick one, but if you held a gun to my head I think ‘The Wall’ would be the one just because I’m a sucker for ‘more is more’ and over the top production and The Wall’s surely that – a double album and a concept album, it was just a huge mammoth piece of music, which eventually translated to an incredible film as well.

At this point, Roger Waters had taken over the band and was running the show, but this album was obviously an extension of his genius; if you listen to the new My Chemical Romance album you can hear that it’s all directly ripping everything off from The Wall, so it is still felt 30 years later.”

You can watch the whole video right below.

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