Mike Portnoy, who is the former drummer of Dream Theater, has responded to a fan on his official Instagram account who accused him of being greedy and revealed why he is using Cameo right now.

In the conversation, a fan named Pete asked Mike that why he can’t just take his thirty seconds to reply to a fan and be a nice guy instead of wanting money in return for his answer.

However, this decision was so hard to make, according to Mike. He stated that he is receiving thousands of messages every day and he can’t reply to those messages even if he wanted to.

Also, Mike mentioned that he loves to meet his followers and spent his time with them but said the quarantine rules forced him to use Cameo to extract the real questions thought all the messages and explained why it is easier to use.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said earlier:

“I still get several messages every day with requests for video messages, greetings etc. I always assume everybody knows about Cameo but in case you don’t, I am available for any messages, greetings, questions, etc at cameo.com/mikeportnoy.”

A fan named Pete added this comment:

“Come on…Can’t you throw him a bone and do one for his father? Him being a lifelong fan and all? Would take you 30 sec, less time than it took to type up your post.”

Mike Portnoy asked:

“Are you being serious?”

Pete replied:

“Yeah. I mean what else do you have going on these days? 😏 Cmon! I kid. Love the new Sons Of Apollo video. Good stuff. Always enjoy your posts over here.”

Mike Portnoy responded:

“Still not sure if you’re making a mockery or if you’re being serious… But in case you’re being serious, I get about a hundred DM’s a day… Usually about a dozen of so making video requests like this…

So in answer to your question, no it wouldn’t take 30 seconds to personally send my Cameo link to everybody that asks… It’s a lot quicker and easier to make a general post about it here.”

Another fan named Jorge wrote:

“No pay no gain, it’s all about the money. If you ever wanna talk, take a pic, get an autograph, etc, you have to pay.”

Mike Portnoy said:

“Not true… I always take time for fans when I meet them in person… However, there is no *in person* anytime in the foreseeable future… Not to mention these are custom videos that most people order for gifts…

If you don’t like the whole concept of Cameo, nobody’s making you get one… But it’s available for those that want one (and obviously many do).”

You can check out the post below.