On a recent Instagram post, the former drummer of Dream Theater Mike Portnoy shared the video of George Floyd’s arrest by Minneapolis police officers but this time he was focused on a different detail.

The protests regarding racial discrimination and police violence have been continuing increasingly in many states of America. Some of the celebrities and artists have joined physically the demonstrations on the streets. Yet, some of them showed their reactions via social media platforms.

Dream Theater‘s former drummer Mike Portnoy also reacted against the police brutality that George Floyd was exposed by sharing the video of his arrest. However, Mike was focused on the other police officers in the video.

Apparently, one of the other police officers in the video blocking the people who were trying to help George Floyd and Mike was furious:

It’s been a week now…
I re-watched the sickening, heartbreaking, repulsive video of the Murder of George Floyd. Again last night and was furious over the other 3 officers’ complicity in this tragedy (especially this idiot with his smug arrogance 😡)

Especially the final 3 minutes when Mr. Floyd was completely unconscious (perhaps dead?) and this idiot stood in the way of letting anybody help…he is absolutely an accessory to this murder!!
Arrest the Rest!!

You can watch the video Mike Portnoy posted on his official Instagram account below.