Mike Portnoy, who is the former Dream Theater drummer and current member of Sons Of Apollo, remembered the rock opera musical, The Who’s Tommy, via Instagram.

As you might already know, The Who’s Tommy is a rock opera musical based on The Who’s fourth studio album, Tommy. Also, there were lots of versions and acts of this event.

One of the most loved ones was Ken Russell’s 1975 film adaptation of Tommy. Additionally, the movie featured Elton John and his cover of the iconic song, Pinball Wizard, by The Who.

Mike remembered the time when he watched the movie and said that it was a huge colossal of the rock gods. Even though he didn’t like the movie that much, Mike was impressed by Elton John’s performance.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said:

“Was there ever a more colossal meeting of the Rock Gods than in 1975 when Elton John covered Pinball Wizard for the Tommy Motion Picture Soundtrack???

Picture Elton in his Captain Fantastic heyday with his amazing band of Davey, Dee & Nigel totally reinterpreting The Who’s classic in their style… And then in the film, Elton is joined by Pete, John & Keith as his backing band while he battles Roger in a Pinball Showdown!

While the film was not perfect, this particular moment in music history could not have been more perfectly aligned. This is 1975 at its finest!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Mike Portnoy – Instagram