The former drummer of Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy, uploaded a new video on his official Youtube channel as the episode of his ‘Vinyl’ podcast and revealed backstory before they got renowned.

While Mike was showing the album of ‘Images and Words,’ he explained how it changed their lives. Mike stated that they had been struggling and waiting for seven years as the band. All the hard work paid off after three months they released this album and made them popular in the scene.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said about Images and Words:

“This is where it all took off… What can I say about ‘Images and Words’ that you don’t already know and haven’t heard me say a million times? I mean, it changed our lives, it put us on the map.

When this came out, we were already a band for seven years, struggling and waiting and trying, mistake after mistake, and we just kept stepping up and brushing ourselves off, and stuck at it.

And all that perseverance finally paid off; this came out, and when it came out, it came out in July of ’92, it sat around for a few months doing nothing.”

He continued:

“It took a few months before anything happened, we didn’t even start touring until September, and it wasn’t until it started getting radio traction and MTV-play around September-October-November, so it was actually many months after it came out before anything happened.

And it was our first album with James LaBrie in the band, and look at us – this was the height of grunge, and somehow we survived, I guess maybe because we were so different from that, it made us stand out, and thank god it did because here I am, still able to talk to you about it after all these years.”

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