Dream Theater’s founding member, Mike Portnoy, has shared the movie banner of ‘1917’ via his verified and official Instagram page.

The movie called ‘1917’ has released in the UK on 10 January 2020 and it watched by a lot of viewers. The movie won 77th annual Golden Globes in their respective categories.

Today, Mike Portnoy has shared the banner of 1917 on his Instagram page and shared his opinion after watched the movie. Apparently, he loved the movie. You can read all of Mike Portnoy’s review here.

Here’s the statement of Mike Portnoy about 1917:

Whether this is counted as the best film of 2019 (and last decade) or the best film of 2020 (and the coming decade), it deserves BOTH…absolutely STUNNING! 🙌”

A fan named Ben Croft commented:

“I was blown away, great film. Roger Deakins’s cinematography was amazing!”

Another fan named Musedoom wrote this:

“I really liked this movie. But for me, Joker or The Lighthouse are better movies. Just my opinion.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.