During a recent appearance on ‘My Global Mind,’ former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy spoke about the young drummers, and he admitted that some of them are better than him.

While talking about his drum solos, explaining why he no longer performs live at the concert. He also revealed that the general characteristics of the drummers who influenced him.

Here’s what Mike Portnoy stated:

“Not really. Been there done that. There are a million clips on YouTube. I never feel the need. I feel more comfortable playing to the music, to the songs, or the other players.

Honestly, there are so many young drummers that have raised the bar that I can’t compete with. I think it’s best to leave the drum solos to the people that can play with a higher level of technical showmanship than I’m capable of at this point in my life.”

He also pointed to his advancing age:

“I’m 52 years old, and I don’t have the speed of a 21-year-old. I look at what my son can do on the drums and I can’t do half of those things.

So there is no reason to show off. I’m in the groove at this point and would rather spend those five minutes on another song in the setlist.

Mike said that Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and The Who’s late drummer Keith Moon are two of his favorite drummers. He continued:

“It depends on who it is. There are a lot of drummers who blow my mind and others where I’m bored. It’s not really a general answer; it’s specific to the person.

My interests in watching a drummer are the ones who play with character and personality more than technique. The very technical drummers tend to lose me after a while.

I would rather watch a drummer like Keith Moon or Lars Ulrich, who aren’t the most technical but are very entertaining. I put a high priority on that.”

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