Dream Theater’s former drummer Mike Portnoy shared a mirror selfie on his official Instagram page and his fans found it hard to believe he’s 53 years old despite his natural grey roots in his hair.

As you may know, every once in a while Mike Portnoy shares a selfie at his home on his Instagram account, sometimes with his dog, Mickey, and sometimes to introduce his new merchandise to his fans. Either way, fans are thrilled to see Portnoy in his own environment.

Recently, Mike Portnoy shared another picture of himself on his official Instagram page, this time he randomly shared a mirror selfie with his hair up and with cozy clothes. While he wished his fans a happy holiday, a fan shared a comment under Portnoy’s post and it became the most like comment out of every other.

That fan stated that Portnoy does not look like he’s 53 and other fans, apparently, agreed with him since it became the most liked comment under Portnoy’s post. Another fan also commented stating that Portnoy looks nothing more than 35.

Here is what Portnoy said in the caption of his latest photo:

“MP 12/23/20.
Happy Holidaze Everyone.”

Here is what one of his fans stated in his comment under the post:

How the f*ck are you 53?

You can see the Instagram post below.