Former Dream Theater drummer and current member of Sons Of Apollo, Mike Portnoy, showed how impressed he is by the Plastic Ono Band box set via Instagram.

Plastic Ono Band formed by John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono back in 1969, and it features their collaborations as well as their solo projects. Also, the couple released four albums together until the death of Lennon.

After Mike Portnoy bought the box set of Plastic Ono Band, he shared his feelings about this special merchandise and said that he is blown away by Lennon’s courage to write the lyrics of his ‘God’ song.

While Mike was saying that it is impressive to see Lennon singing that he doesn’t believe in The Beatles after their departure, he also mentioned that the lyrics give him goosebumps every time he listens to the song.

Here is what Mike Portnoy said:

“I know you’re all probably getting sick of me going on & on & on ad nauseam about the new Plastic Ono Band Box Set, but it’s so massive it’s taking days to go through everything…

I’ve always been so blown away by the balls it took John to write these incredible lyrics to God…especially the whole The Dream Is Over section at the end.

Just imagine only being a few months removed from the breakup, and hearing John Lennon singing these words to close his first post-Beatles solo album… Wow… Gives me goosebumps every time… So intense and so brave of him.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Mike Portnoy – Instagram