During a recent interview with Louder Sound, former Pink Floyd employee John Leckie and the drummer of the band, Nick Mason talked about the little-known secrets of PF.

John has revealed how David Gilmour ripped off Jimi Hendrix’s wah-wah peddle style, and said:

“They were just back from the US. I remember Dave Gilmour had just got the same wah-wah peddle that Jimi Hendrix used. The seagull sound you hear on Echoes is that, the Cry Baby. Hendrix died in the middle of recording which I think affected them a bit”.

Nick Mason added:

“I don’t think he exactly hated it. But it’s difficult when someone else has the music in mind for a particular sequence of film. Antonioni wanted total control, and the only way he could have control of the music was to be able to select from lots of different versions.

Whereas before when we’d worked with Barbet Schroeder [director of More and La Vallée, both films with Floyd soundtracks] he would give us the brief, we’d go off and do it and generally he said ’yes, fine’ and we moved on. It [Zabriskie Point] was a bloody hard slog.”

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