Alternative Nation has revealed a little-known statement of former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith.

On this interview, William Goldsmith has shared his experience about working with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. He said:

“There was a voice in my head saying, ‘Something’s not right here.’ Gregg Keplinger, he came out to help me with the drums, getting the drum sounds for that session, and he’ll tell you, I was doomed from the start. Because when we were getting the drum sounds, and dude, Gregg Keplinger does not have a hard time getting drum sounds. Every record I’ve ever worked on with any other producer, and Gregg is working on the drum sounds, they’re always very excited and happy about his approach.

This guy Gil Norton, no matter what we did, where we put the microphones, no matter how much we tuned the drums, he was never happy with how the drums sounded. Kep was just like, ‘Dude, I don’t understand what the hell is going on here.’

I think from the get go the producer wanted Dave to play drums on the record, I think Dave wanted to play drums on the record, I think the people at the label wanted Dave to play drums on the record, I think everybody wanted Dave to play drums on the record.

That’s fine, but I wish they had decided that, or told me that, rather than drag me through the coals for three weeks 13 hours a day, working my ass off, and then accomplishing the thing, and then having all that effort completely just raped from you.”

He also said ‘I wish that I just never met him’, here’s the statement:

I wish that I just never met him. To be honest man, I was not happy in that band because at first Dave said, ‘I want this to be fun. I want this to be a band. I don’t want to spend our lives on the road, we’re just going to have fun.’ I was like, ‘Right on, that sounds great because we don’t want to tour to death.’ But that’s what we did man, we toured to death.

You are playing these songs that aren’t even yours, we didn’t even really have that long to get to work on this stuff before we had to start touring. Then it was nonstop, it’s like saying the word ‘shut up’ or ‘caterpillar’ a billion times to yourself, and it just stops making sense. You do something so repetitively, especially something that isn’t really from you.”

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