Grunge news service, Alternative-Nation has revealed the little-known interview of former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith.

In an interview with The Trap Set with Joe Wong, former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith said that “I wish that I just never met him.”.

Interviewer asked ‘Is Dave Grohl bad person?’, and Goldsmith stated:

“I don’t know. I think that he mistakes cruelty for humor, maybe sometimes. I think he’s kind of like those kids that were like the bullies that could do every sport better than everybody else.

Everybody really liked them, even though they were mean. He’s kind of like that guy, he’s kind of like the playground bully.

As you remember, William Goldsmith has shared a statement on Facebook and claimed that Sunny Day Real Estate hasn’t released their greatest album because of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

He also said:

I wish that I just never met him. To be honest man, I was not happy in that band because at first Dave said, ‘I want this to be fun. I want this to be a band. I don’t want to spend our lives on the road, we’re just going to have fun.’ I was like, ‘Right on, that sounds great because we don’t want to tour to death.’ But that’s what we did man, we toured to death.

You are playing these songs that aren’t even yours, we didn’t even really have that long to get to work on this stuff before we had to start touring. Then it was nonstop, it’s like saying the word ‘shut up’ or ‘caterpillar’ a billion times to yourself, and it just stops making sense. You do something so repetitively, especially something that isn’t really from you.”

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