Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate drummer) has revealed the details about his fight with Dave Grohl. He said that he was betrayed by his bandmate, bassist Nate Mendel.

Alternative Nation has shared his statement as follows:

“Nate and I had a rule where we were basically a team. We were basically together, or not at all. We were either going to be doing this together, or not at all, we’re a package deal. That was kind of like our thing, we were brothers.

That’s true man, if he would have gotten kicked out, I would have split, I absolutely would have split, I would have gone with him.

When push came to shoved, of course I didn’t say, ‘You have to quit!’ But not only did he not hold up to that end of the deal, which I didn’t expect him to, but he didn’t try to defend me. He didn’t try to defend me on every level.”

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Two weeks ago, William Goldsmith has shared a statement on Facebook and said that ‘greatest Sunny Day Real Estate record ever made remains silenced, abandoned and buried by Dave Grohl’.

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