Matt Sorum, the former drummer of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, has talked about the evolution of rock music and recalled the first years of his supergroup, Velvet Revolver, while considering the changing sounds.

During a recent conversation on Drum for the Song, the drummer and percussionist, Sorum has explained how he approaches the periods of rock and metal music. Comparing his perspective while creating a song with the band Foo Fighters, whom he calls their style as rhythm-driven, Matt revealed that he is used to putting the beat first.

Sorum said that Foo Fighters usually record the guitar parts first and then cut the drums second. Has produced his music in the reverse order for years, Matt Sorum admitted that the first record of his supergroup Velvet Revolver was developed in the same manner, too.

Thinking over these differences that led to new sounds in the rock genre over the years, Matt Sorum humorously ended up his words by saying the only thing that has actually changed from the 70s and 80s is the drugs people are taking.

Here is what Matt Sorum said during the interview when comparing his music with the Foo Fighters’:

“When the Foo Fighters came, I remember Velvet Revolver when we did our first record [2004’s ‘Contraband’], and all those beats were like *thumps* rather than Foo Fighters *mimicks percussion noises*.

And all of a sudden, everything is really rigid – so I was listening to that going, ‘Well, let’s be aggressive that way.’ If you go back and listen to the first Velvet Revolver album, there’s a lot of that kind of shit going on.

It came off punky, but it was modern. Rhythmically, I think the world moves rhythmically. What’s the difference now about music in the ‘70s and even ’80s? I usually say the drugs people are taking. [Laughs]”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.