Steven Adler, the former drummer of Gun N’ Roses, has unveiled his utmost admiration to Queen’s Roger Taylor and said that Taylor is his biggest influence to improve his drumming skills.

Adler took Instagram to celebrate the 71st birthday of legendary drummer Roger Taylor and to express how he appreciates Taylor’s talent on drums. After wishing a happy birthday to him, Steven Adler mentioned Roger Taylor as his biggest influence as a drummer.

Adler’s fans praised both drummers and said their happy birthday wishes to Taylor in the comments of Adler’s post, which is a cool picture of Roger Taylor taken in his youth while playing the drums. Most of the fans stated that Adler and Taylor are equally awesome and that they are legends to be influenced by.

Here is what Steven Adler said on his latest Instagram post:

“Happy Birthday Roger Taylor!!

My biggest influence on 🥁.”

You can see Adler’s post below.