In an interview with Ultimate Guitar, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke talked about the time Axl Rose threw him out of the band and claimed his reaction to Axl’s Slash related plan might have something to do with it.

As you might recall, Gilby Clarke joined Guns N’ Roses in 1991 as a rhythm guitarist replacing Izzy Stradlin. After performing with the band for three years, Clarke was allegedly fired by the band’s lead singer Axl Rose.

Recently, Gilby Clarke joined a conversation with Ultimate Guitar and responded to a question about whether he was open to any invitation from Guns N’ Roses members by stating:

“Oh yeah, always. Always. But you know, no matter what, I have respect for the band. I’ve always thought that even after I wasn’t in the band, I always paid the band their respect. I never took it for what it was or what it wasn’t but I always tried to treat those years with respect.

I never try to put the band down or try to gain from that. But if it ever came up, I’d have to see what the situation is. Just like before when people asked me and I said, yeah I would absolutely be a guest.”

Furthermore, Gilby Clarke talked about the time he had a minor dispute with Axl Rose after he shared a plan to reshape the band’s structure which might also affect his decision to fire Gilby.

According to Clarke’s claims, Axl Rose had an idea of having three guitars in the band. Apparently, Gilby was the only one who stood up against him and reminded that Slash was the sound of Guns N’ Roses, and having three guitars might have ruined the sound.

Here’s what Gilby Clarke stated:

“But that situation didn’t work out for me at that time. There’s also something else that’s in the back of my mind. When the band was going through changes and we were in flux, Axl did have that idea of three guitars a long time ago and I think I was maybe the only one who was adamant in saying that was a bad idea. I just thought – you have Slash.

You have a rhythm guitar player that accentuates Slash but Slash is the sound of the band. If you put three in there, you take away one of the great things about that band.”

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