Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke spoke in an interview with Ultimate-Guitar and talked on the differences and similarities between Guns N’ Roses and Queen.

Interviewer said:

“When you got the call from Guns N’ Roses, did you think that was a band that had that type of rock and roll thing you talked about earlier? Did you see Guns as a truly authentic rock and roll band in that same tradition as Bad Company or early Queen?

And Gilby responded:

“Absolutely. When I was asked, I joined that band for a lot of different reasons. There wasn’t any negative checks in the box but one of ‘em was because I thought it was a great band.

For me, what I was trying to achieve at that time is I really just wanted a loud version of The Rolling Stones and to me that’s what Guns was. They were a loud version of The Rolling Stones.”

He said that “Queen is all over the place”, here:

“They can do an acoustic song like “Patience” and then they can do “Paradise City” or “Out Ta Get Me.” They covered it all and that’s what I liked about bands.

If you listen to a Queen record, it’s all over the place. They’re rocking like a rock band but they can be melodic with “You’re My Best Friend” where you wouldn’t even know that’s a Queen song if you didn’t know Queen. All the bands of that period were like that. They were very versatile.”

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