Former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein has revealed an interesting claim about the band on his Twitter account. That was very very interesting…

He talked about an another former Guns N’ Roses manager, Alan Niven (who managed GN’R between 1987 and 1991) and claimed that Niven hired a satan specialist to cast spells Axl Rose.

Here’s the statement:

“[Current GN’R manager] Fernando Lebeis, you guys are unreal! Niven was with GN’R for three years and hired a Satan specialist to cast spells on Axl and myself…

I was with Axl for 17 years and more than doubled the band’s royalty rate. Niven gets thanked on the new box set and nothing mentioning me… Wow.”

A fan said:

“I have never trusted certain people around Axl! Praise and respect to you Doug! A Satan specialist, that is insane and so evil!

I am a Christian and I have a very good Christian friend who is also an Astrologer, she told me a long time ago Axl needs to wake up to cons around him.”

Doug talked again:

“I’m a Christian as well, Sean!. Thank you”

According to report of Alternative Nation, speaking in an interview with Mitch Lafon, Alan Niven criticized Axl Rose and said:

“I’m looking at what Ali stood for and what he was prepared to give up and the spirit of the man, and at the same time I’m really disappointed to see Axl playing in AC/DC and running around under a pair devil horns.

There’s an old maxim that I’ve always tried to follow, which is: ‘Never defend the devil.’”

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