Guns N’ Roses’ former manager Alan Niven spoke in a recent interview with Mitch Lafon and revealed the times when he was about to be the manager of Bon Jovi.

In the interview, Alan mentioned how they ended up meeting with Jon Bon Jovi and explained why he rejected the offer in the first place. Also, Alan claimed that Jon Bon Jovi has wanted to compete with another legend, Bruce Springsteen.

Alan stated that Jon Bon Jovi didn’t want to be called as an entertainer, and he wanted to be seen as an artist like Springsteen. Also, Alan said that he would try to make him an artist instead of an entertainer if he was on the head of the band.

Here is what Alan Niven said:

“…I can hear people loading up the Guns now and pointing them in my direction: if I had a perception of Jon at that time, I think he wanted to try and elevate himself from being seen as an entertainer and that he wanted to be seen as an artist – that he wanted to be comparative to Springsteen.”

He continued:

“And I think that was what he really wanted. I’ll tell you this: I didn’t make the wrong decision, he did. Because if I had worked with him, that’s the way I’d have driven him, and I would have got him into being perceived more as an artist than an entertainer.

But you know, have a nice day. He’s had a wonderful day, lots of wonderful paydays and he’s a great entertainer. I still don’t have a Bon Jovi album.”

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