The founder of L.A Guns and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Tracii Guns has reposted the recent tweet of Donald Trump via his official Twitter account.

US President, Donald Trump shared an interesting picture on Wednesday morning without a caption or a single word of explanation on his verified Twitter account.

In the photo, Trump’s head was photoshopped on to the utterly surprising bare body of the fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa.

Tracii Guns has made a statement about Donald Trump’s shared interesting photo and Tracii said that:

“Trump is must be the greatest comedian of all time”

A user named Paul Cioffi commented:

“It’s pretty convincing the argument that Russia swayed the election. If you think about it it makes a ton of sense on their part.

They can pretty much do whatever they want while he’s in office.”

Another user named Navishing Nick said that:

“I mean, you have to admit, this is pretty hilarious. The fact that he was elected is an indictment on the American education system if anything.

I can’t stand politicians and he’s turned the whole system into a circus Thank god I’m in Canada.”

You can see the photo and the tweet right below.