Former vocalist of Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley, spoke in the recent interview with Eonmusic and revealed his real thoughts about the current singer of the band, Bruce Dickinson.

In the conversation, Blaze shared his reaction about Bruce’s live cover performances on his songs, which Blaze produced with Iron Maiden in between 1994-99, and stated that he like the way how Bruce sings these songs.

Afterward, Blaze said that Bruce’s voice is one of the hallmark voices of metal, and listening to his songs from Bruce made him proud.

Eonmusic asked:

“What is it like for you now when you see Iron Maiden performing the songs that you originally sang, on their global ‘Legacy of the Beast’ trek?”

Blaze Bayley replied:

“It’s fantastic. I absolutely love Bruce Dickinson’s voice; he’s been a great supporter of me, before, during and after Iron Maiden. His voice is one of the hallmark voices of metal; that’s the epitome of what heavy metal singing is.

Bruce always said that he had no problems whatsoever in singing anything from my era, and for me, what is very cool is that those two albums are obviously considered as important as other albums in the Iron Maiden catalog. And the fact that these two huge, beautiful songs feature in the Iron Maiden setlist now, is just fantastic, and I’m so lucky to be a part of that.”

Eonmusic asked:

“It must be great to see Bruce cover your songs, as you’ve covered his.”

Blaze Bayley said:

“I was a huge fan of Maiden before, and I loved singing those songs. There is something about it – and this is for every fan that ever sings along with a song; there is something about vocalising those songs and singing those lyrics that will give you a feeling about that song, and you will have an experience about it.

That’s not unique to the person standing on the stage, that is for everybody in the audience that finds it in themselves to be able to sing along. I was overjoyed really to be able to sing those classics.”

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