During in a recent interview with Talking Maiden podcast, former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley has revealed what he thinks about Maiden’s current frontman Bruce Dickinson.

Here’s the statement:

“I think Bruce got to a time in his life where he had to have a big change. It’s a huge job, and it is all-consuming. He needed that change in his life, and he had to do it, I think, for his own mental health and sanity, that was the best decision for Bruce. Of course, that gave me an incredible opportunity, and I learned so much. I found my true voice when I was in Maiden for my singing.

Nothing that I’ve recorded or performed or written after Maiden has been anything like what I did before, because I learned so much from Steve Harris and the guys about songwriting and about music and about singing. Every single step of the way, I had support from Bruce Dickinson.

He sent me a good-luck package full of beer with a nice card. He went to all the trouble of painting a brick yellow and sent it to me for my first big gig in London with Maiden, saying, ‘I wish you the absolute very best with Maiden.’ Post-Maiden, we’ve met each other several times. When he had his own radio show, he invited me on the show, played my music and he’s helped me out using his simulators at his business — his aircraft pilot-training business, he let me make a video there.

He’s been a big supporter, and I think when you put Paul [Di’Anno] and Bruce and me together, we are three people in the world who know just how challenging that job is to be the frontman of Maiden. There’s just a knowing look between me and Bruce when we see each other. It’s not easy — it’s a huge, huge job. It’s nice that we’ve been able to have that relationship. There’s absolutely no animosity, and there never has been, between Bruce and me.

There’s never been any animosity between me and any of the members of Maiden. Really, not a regret but a chance I wish I’d had, I would have loved to write a song with Adrian Smith. I wrote with Dave Murray and Janick Gers, and of course, a lot of work with Steve Harris, but I never had the opportunity to write with Adrian, because he was never in the band at the same time as me.”

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