During a recent interview with Andrew Catania from All That Shreds, former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing has shared an interesting fact about the Painkiller album.

He said that ‘The ‘Painkiller’ album wasn’t very big when we first released it; it was just medicore.’

First of all, he has shared a story of how Rob Halford was back in the band. Here’s the story:

“It’s a long story. Sharon Osbourne rang up one day and said, ‘Hey, what’s happening with Rob? Is he back in the band? Because I want you to do the Ozzfest and I’m gonna pay you a lot of money for doing it.’ And that didn’t happen the first time around.

But then another year or so went by, and kind of the same thing happened again. But by this time, we’d done ‘Demolition’, and things seemed to be on the decline for us. The venues seemed to be getting worse.

And eventually, I took part in the ‘Demolition’ album, but I wasn’t happy. Glenn said he wanted to produce the album and stuff like that. It was all getting a bit funky, so I walked away from it for a while, but I came back and put as much into it as I could.”

Interviewer asked:

“So, basically, it was a money thing that got Rob back? Would you say that that’s fair [to say]?”

Downing responded:

No. No. I just think it’s the fact that… [It was] what the fans wanted — it was fan demand, really. And I couldn’t see that getting any better, really. Because everything that the band had done before Ripper seemed to be getting more and more popular, having more acclaim, like the ‘Painkiller’ album.

The ‘Painkiller’ album wasn’t very big when we first released it; it was just medicore. But it started to gain momentum year after year, and it started to become a big album. And the fans wanna hear the band, the original bandmembers.”

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