Former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing spoke in an interview with Sound Matters With Tom Leu and revealed why he decided to leave Judas Priest.

He said that ‘It was another point in my life, like I was 15 years old again’. Here’s the statement:

“I was the guy that was really totally, totally dedicated. So that’s why I even shocked myself, I think, to walk away and leave that. It was another point in my life, like I was 15 years old again, where I had to cut myself free and go to a better place, and that’s what I felt I needed to do, and I had to be brave to do it.

And that’s another reason I wanted to do [write an autobiography] — to give everyone a better explanation of how that can happen to everybody, even myself.

I thought I was tough in certain ways — not wielding the axe, but I thought I had a real, real tough personality that could endure and take anything. But I found that that wasn’t the case — that I did have a breaking point.”

A month ago, K.K. Downing has shared the untold truth about why Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton left the band in 90’s. Click here.

His autobiography titled “Heavy Duty: Days And Nights In Judas Priest”, was released on September 18 via Da Capo Press.

Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth.