In a recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley revealed the stories about what he learned from producer Bob Ezrin and Eddie Kramer. He said:

“I’ll never forget the day Bob Ezrin said to me, “Detune your guitar a little.” Paul was laying down a rhythm track and Bob wanted me to double it and he goes, “Detune it just a little” and that’s how you get that phasing and flanging effect to make a thicker guitar sound.

With digital recording, they have plug-ins that’ll drop the pitch one or two per cent when you double a track and basically it’s the same idea but much easier to do digitally.”

On Eddie Kramer:

I remember Eddie Kramer showing me how to do flanging. They discovered flanging by an accident. When you slow down the tape with your hand, you’re causing stuff to be out of sync with the track and you get a flanging effect. Like a lot of great inventions, flanging was discovered by accident when the motor on a [tape] machine slowed down because it was burning out. If you grab the tape and hold it and make it a little slower than the other track you’re trying to record to, you get a flanging effect.

Interviewer said “for you it’s always been about learning and listening?” and Ace responded:

“It’s amazing because I’ve been there from the beginning of the recording process. I didn’t go quite as far back as the Beatles who recorded Sgt. Pepper’s on a four-track, which is so mind-boggling to me. But I got into the recording when we were using 16- and 24-track machines and I learned a lot of tricks from Eddie Kramer and Bob Ezrin and other engineers I worked with. Everybody had their own little tricks and they’d share it with me.”

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